100 Hours of Astronomy Registered Events: SERBIA
Astronomy for All: Kruševac, Serbia 

Organiser: Astronomical Society Eureka

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: A telescope will be placed in several local communities during these four days, particularly in the four largest in our city: Lazarica, Rasadnik, Bagdala and Centar. In the evening, there will be observing sessions of the night sky (Mars and the Moon). We will discuss on the theme of observational astronomy and telescopes with a goal to obtaining additional support to build in Krusevac an astronomical observatory. Since the activity itself is organized in honor of 100 years of IAU, we will organize a lecture for the public in the city library about International Astronomy Union, as well as about amateur astronomy and amateur astronomers contributions to the development of this science. Lectures will be conducted 10 and 11 January in the afternoon. 

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ContactMarco Antonio Zamalloa Jara

All for Sky and Sky for All: Novi Sad, Serbia 

Organiser: Astronomical Society Novi Sad (ADNOS)

Event Date(s): January 10, 2019

About: Public observing session where amateurs will be invited to join us with their own telesopes

Event Page / More Information: More event information can be found here

ContactTijana Prodanovic

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