100 Hours of Astronomy Registered Events: PAKISTAN
Mobile Space Education Bus activity: Karachi, Pakistan

Organiser: SUPARCO

Event Date(s): January 10-12, 2019

About: In this activity lectures are delivered inside the bus equipped with multimedia and communication systems. Besides lectures, telescopes are set during daytime and nighttime for astronomical observations of Sun, Moon, clusters and galaxies. this activity will be arranged especially for 100 hours of astronomy project.

ContactGhulam Murtaza

Lunar Observation, and Talk on Space Colonization and SDGs: Islamabad, Pakistan

Organiser: Cosmic Perspective

Event Date(s): January 11, 2019

About:We will have a talk on space colonization, with emphasis on scarcity of resources and climate action. We will then have a lunar observation for the audience in a public park. 

ContactAamna Saleem