100 Hours of Astronomy Registered Events: MOROCCO
Workshop and observation with telescope: Casablanca, Morocco

Organiser: Fun Astronomy

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: Workshop and observation with telescope in a reformatory for teenagers

More Information / Event Page: More information can be found here.

ContactAbdelhafid BANI

100Hours of Astronomy in Marrakech: Agafay, Marrakech, Tahanaout,  Morocco

Organiser: Astronomie Marrakech

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: Open ceremony of the first day of the 100Hours of Astronomy in Marrakech city, opportunities to meet Astronomers and shar Astronomy with public. Various locations for discovering and compare the skymap with astronomers in the city and near Marrakech.

More Information / Event Page: More information can be found here.

ContactMohamed Ali

ASTRO NIGHT : 100Hours of Astronomy in Marrakech: Marrakech, Morocco

Organiser: Astronomie Marrakech

Event Date(s): January 12, 2019

About: The best place for star gazing and practise a 100hours of Astronomy. An ephemeral astronomical observatory that will provide you with an opportunity to get intimate with the stars! Just 30 minutes from the city of Marrakech, you have access to one of the best observation site for Astronomy. Far from light pollution and of remarkable quality, a unique place to admire the stars, observe the planets and dive into the Milky Way.  If the weather is not good, the event will be postponed.

More Information / Event Page: More information can be found here.

ContactHAFILI Mohamed Ali - Ali Astro

100th anniversary of IAU: Mechra Belksiri and Kenitra, Morocco

Organiser: Mizar Astronomy Club 

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: These activities aim to raise awareness of nearby pollution schools and admire the beauty of the night sky. There will be conferences, workshops and astronomical observations for elementary school students in Mechra Belksiri and Kenitra high schools:
Conferences : The themes will be light pollution, astronomy in popular culture., human heritage astronomy, the role of UAI in raising awareness.
Workshops: build different models of sundials; building a model of the constellation of Orion; light pollution ; terraforming Mars, construction of the Phoenix paper model; lunar phases.
Observations: use of celestia, stellarium, skyscout, telescope, globeatnight, observation of the sky with the naked eye and the telescope..

Contact: Ezzarg Abdelaziz

Caravane Astro 1: Tifelt, Morocco

Organiser: Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane + NGOs

Event Date(s): January 11-13, 2019

About: One day astro activities in a small town or village that aims at introducing astronomy to students in seconday schools and to the general public. Activities include lectures, workshops, expositions, star gazing, and portable planetarium.

More Information / Event Page: More information can be found here.

Contact: Hassane Darhmaoui


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