100 Hours of Astronomy Registered Events: ALBANIA

Sizes in the Universe: Tirana, Albania

Organiser: Albanian Center of Astrophysics

Event Date(s): January 11, 2019

About: We show a presentation about the sizes of celestial bodies, from the smallest ones to the Observable Universe and discuss together on the possibility to observe them. 
We observe the Moon, some solar planets and other objects of the night sky with a telescope-a 20 cm reflector.

ContactMimoza Hafizi

Universe in our hands: Tirana, Albania

Organiser: Qendra Inovative Kualifikuese Edu Act Albania

Event Date(s): January 11-12, 2019

About: In our Edu Act center, an event will be organized, where the students part of After school, will take part with their hand crafts in different topics such as art, science or games to realize some interactive, interesting, entertaining and motivating hours. They will play the game created only for them in Kahoot too. In the end of the event, we will visit the Faculty of Natural Sciences, where the professor Mimoza Hafizi will welcome the children of our center to become part of the dark sky observation on the 11th of January.
In the second day of the event, we are going to organize a teacher training in a special sesion of 100 hour of astronomy. 

Edu Act, invites all the students interested in these kind of activities to join us.

Event Page / More Information: More information can be found here.

ContactMirjeta Domi / Dentila Garipi