100 Hours of Astronomy Registered Events: CHINA - NANJING
100 Hours of Astronomy: Beijing, China (3 activities)
Organiser: Beijing Planetarium

Event Date(s): January 11-12, 2019


11 January - Opening ceremony of Mars Exploration exhibition: The new exhibition on Mars Exploration is just opened to public during the 100 Hours of Astronomy 2.0 period.

12 January - Launching Ceremony Of IAU100 Activities in Mainland China: The Ceremony is hosted by Chinese Astronomy Society and organized by the Popularization Working Committee of CAS and Beijing Planetarium.

12 January - Astronomy Salon: 11:00-12:30 on Starudy, at Room 505, Building B, Beijing Planetarium. Free Access. Discussion and communication on widely topics on astronomy rised from participants. Moderated by Dr. Jin Zhu, curator of Beijing Planetarium. More information here.

Event Page / More Information: More information can be found here.

ContactJin Zhu

Annual Meeting of Beijing Amateur Astronomer Sodality: Beijing, China 
Organiser: Beijing Amateur Astronommer Sodality

Event Date(s): January 12-13, 2019

About: Registred at the meeting room during 3-4pm; group photo and lectures during 4-6pm; observation after 10pm

ContactJin Zhu

The International Astronomical Union 100th Anniversary (IAU 100) Celebration in Guangxi: Nannning, China
Organiser: Guangxi Science & Technology Museum

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019


10-13 January: 

  • Chinese Ancient Science and Technology Exhibition are free opened to citizen, we display a large-scale astronomic measuring instruments named Puyi, Jianyi made according to  the size of 1:1 or 1:3 original instruments through the exhibition, leading the guests to learn the ancient Chinese people’s ‘skills of observing the sky’.

  • China Mobile Science and Technology Museum Guangxi Tour Exhibition plays more than 50 rounds dome movie "Exploring the Moon" at various tour sites in the region.

10 January

  • Based on the program of china science communication-campus E Station, We held an astronomic lecture in Nanning Red Star School.

11 January

  • Based on the theme of "Happy Science, Fun with Science and Technology Museum”, We Host 2 rounds "STEM-ancient astronomical model" handmade activity science popularization activities for teenagers.

12 January

  • Launching Ceremony Of IAU100 Activities in Guangxi, China: Firstly, Special posters about the brief history function and brand of telescopes with IAU logo post by the day, which are helpful for the visitors to learn the development of the Astronomy. Secondly, the movie <loosing the dark>is free playing for the citizen. Thirdly, 100 pupils participate in building telescopes and making a astronomical observation. Fourthly, “Tianqin soul folk songs reverberate” which is intangible cultural heritage of the Zhuang nationality display on that day. Fifthly, Lion Dance Performance with 10 lions corresponds to the IAU100 perform by that day. Finally, All the students are going to sing a happy birthday song together with their best wishes for the IAU100.

 13 January

  • We host the handmade activity with topic of “the eight planets”.

  • We play science show ‘Lunar dream’.

Event Page / More Information: More information can be found here.

ContactJiang Hong

Astronomical science into the thousands: NingBo in Zhejiang province, China
Organiser: TongTi High School Astronomical Education Cente

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: We will promote astronomical science in school activities, and open to citizens of our pavilion, telescope.we will organize students into other schools to Interpretation of the astronomical lectures, observation the sun finally will be summarized in astronomy education center, exhibition activities

Event Page / More Information: More information can be found here.

ContactMao Jin Qi

Celebration of 100 Years of the IAU: Rui'an in Zhejiang province, China
Organiser:  Gaolou Science Club

Event Date(s): January 10-13, 2019

About: We will teach students how to use various devices to watch the stars.We will guide students how to use the network platform to find supernovae,organize students to watch movies about stars.Astronomical poetry contest is held to let students feel the charm of astronomy and myth.

Event Page / More Information: More information can be found here.

ContactMao Xuehui