One of the biggest events to take place during the 2009 International Year of Astronomy was the 100 Hours of Astronomy as a Global Cornerstone Project. In January of 2019, a new 100 Hours of Astronomy event will be taking place as part of the IAU 100 celebrations. This is a 100-hour, round-the-clock, round-the-globe celebration composed of a broad range of activities aimed at involving the public. The event will take place over four days and nights, from 10-13 January. During this period, people from around the globe will share the experience of observing the sky. For many, it will be their first glimpse of the wonders of the heavens through a telescope. For others, it is the perfect opportunity to impart their knowledge and excitement, helping unveil the cosmos to fresh and eager eyes.


Hundreds of local events are being planned by science facilities and astronomy enthusiasts around the world, including telescope observing sessions, exhibitions, special shows and more. In many countries there will be public lectures by specially selected speakers, experts in astronomy, keen to participate in this planet-wide venture.


To keep track of developments and to promote sidewalk astronomy events effectively during the 100 hours, events are registered online. Anyone can set up an event, whether it is screening astronomy videos for a few hours on a single day or a 100-hour marathon event; only imagination sets the limit. The activities and events of 100 Hours of Astronomy will bring fresh audiences to astronomy and perhaps inspire young and budding scientists to pursue a career in astronomy.


100 Hours of Astronomy is a venture of breathtaking scope that seeks to involve people from all walks of life around the globe and conveys a multitude of messages, from the personal benefit of astronomical knowledge to the pressing issue of curbing light pollution. Clear your agenda now for 100 hours of discovery!


The 100 Hours of Astronomy global project is organised as part of the IAU100 celebrations. In 2019, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is celebrating its 100th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the IAU is organising a year-long celebration to increase awareness of a century of astronomical discoveries as well as to support and improve the use of astronomy as a tool for education, development and diplomacy under the central theme "Under One Sky". 


To learn more about other activities and the organisation of the IAU100 year-long celebrations, please visit the IAU100 website.